Floravip “SV – SR”


Product Description

The “green brick” for building multi-material walls, both indoors and on exterior facades.

The Floravip panels with irrigation in the SV (instant garden) and SVR (the garden takes root in the panel) versions can be applied to dedicated structures to form ventilated green walls. The steel substructures of these walls can also support stone slabs or planter boxes made of cor-ten steel or other materials such as wood, ceramic, glass and so on.
The Floravip panels equipped with irrigation systems and collection trays for excess water are installed on a sort of steel rail, in turn fastened to the supporting wall to be covered. This system, normally used for stone, glass or ceramic walls and façades, can thus also be used with the Floravip modules to create multi-material façades, with a surprising effect from an architectural point of view.
There are two technical possibilities for this type of application:

  • FLORAVIP SV – “instant garden” panels which are easy to maintain and replace for indoor or balcony applications. The plants do not take root and need to be replaced cyclically every few months or years depending on the application conditions and the “cultivar” used.
  • FLORAVIP SVR – “rooted garden” panels for use on outdoor façades or in situations where the plants require long-term growth or cycles. Although Floravip SVR panels are the same height and width as the other Floravip panels with 15 pockets, the SVR model has just 6 pockets which are larger, stronger and more rustic so they can house bigger plants. These panels, however, are much thicker than the standard panels, as they house a strip of “rooting” felt. The main technical features of SVR panels: they are lightweight, easy-to-install and maintain, and feature two different irrigation methods (one internal inside the rooting panel and another external in the pocket where the plant is housed) to allow accurate watering and fertilisation.


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