Floravip “S”


Product Description

“Floravip” is a panel for creating modular vertical green areas which offers quick results and low maintenance.

Features two panels of the same size, but one has 6 and the other 15 pockets. This model is suitable for use with different application methods:

  •  Without any structure, attached directly using the incorporated perimeter rings to existing supports and substrates such as meshes, fences and walls of different materials. This application method is generally used outdoors, without water collection trays.
  • Fitted into a stainless-steel support for wall installation (SPX model), for creating green walls composed of multiple modules.
  •  With frame and tray, a version suitable for direct-to-wall installation (S+CV version) or for installation in a steel rail structure for technological or ventilated walls (SV+CV or SVR+CV version)


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