Floravip “SB + CV”


Product Description

Small panels for interior decoration.

The basic Floravip panel was created for outdoor applications in gardens or terraces, but the evolution of the design driven by strong market demand led to the birth of the Floravip SB + CV panel, used primarily for interior applications.
This product range features five panels of between three and fifteen pockets, equipped with a steel frame, collection tray for excess water, and wall mount system which allows easy hanging and removal to simplify maintenance and irrigation operations.
This product, while made from professional materials, is aimed at residential customers, who will be able to apply it easily to house or balcony walls and complete their compositions independently using plants from garden centres or nurseries according to their own individual taste and style.
Floravip is a true vertical flowerbed for house walls, which can be used for months or even years before replacing the plants, or else changed several times a year to follow the seasons and personal taste.
Where to purchase Floravip: at larger garden centres or nurseries together with the plants, or else contact our sales department. Some of our resellers also now sell the product in their online stores.


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